​Hi, nice to meet you

​I am a web designer building unique digital experiences in Canada.

​Originally from Martinique, I have been passionate about web development. It started with blogs and then sites on free hosts. I understood that there was a field of possibilities, so I decided to learn to code.

​I immigrated to Canada to study business administration in business administration, I was able to travel and meet inspiring people from the inspiring people in the web space across all digital professions. I have obtained certifications by Google, which brought me a new network of digital partners.

​I then launched my first web agency Pagitrad which became Flavency. I worked with Upwork Canada to train to train for the "freelance" profession. I then decided to compress all the knowledge acquired through my experiences in one place today.

​If you wish to work with me or ask for advice or ask me for advice, contact me via the links below.

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